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Cap & Trade
(a.k.a. The American Clean Energy & Security Act)

On June 26, 2009 the U.S. House of Representatives narrowly passed the SINGLE LARGEST TAX BILL EVER in United States history.
As Michigan Representative John Dingell states in the accompanying video, "...nobody in this country realizes that cap and trade is a tax, and it's a great big one." He also mentions that the measure has not been met with success in other countries in which it has been tried. Nevertheless, Rep. Dingell voted along with 219 other members of the house, mostly Democrats, to pass the bill. It succeeded by only seven votes.
Candice Miller, our U.S. Representative for the Blue Water area voted against it, citing too many unanswered questions and the harm it would cause in an already weakened economy.
Like many issues in the last nine months, the mainstream media reported next to nothing about the proposal. It failed to inform the public of not only what it is, but how it would work, what it would cost and whether it was really needed. The media's silence on the subject--again, the BIGGEST TAX in U.S. history--was deafening. Frightening. The mainstream media is culpible of neglect at best and aiding-and-abetting at worst. Our representative republic is severly handicapped when the press refuses to do its job, a pattern that continues to disappoint and to cause damage to our country. The amount of money that has been extracted from current and future Americans to cover proposed schemes in the last several months is surreal.
It is essential that Americans learn more about Cap & Trade, educate others and contact their senators. We must RELENTLESSLY hound our U.S. Senators via phone, fax, email...and all of these...letting them know that a YES vote on Cap & Trade will result in an unprecedented campaign to replace them come re-election time.
The American people and economy are hurting badly. There is simply no justification for pushing to pass such a huge tax at this time.
Global Warming will have to wait, and perhaps in this delay we will learn more about the reality of what we are being rushed into from other countries now seriously questioning the path they are on. There is massive disagreement between scientists and climatologists as to whether recent climate shifts are caused by man or whether they are simply part of a larger natural trend.
So, why the rush to enact legislation when we don't have all the facts? In a word, money.
The money to be made by companies poised to profit from green technologies, Al Gore not least among them. And, more so, the massive revenues the government will receive as a result of Cap & Trade. What the administration plans to do with this windfall is the cause of wide speculation and great concern. There is something unethical about taking in money under one questionable pretense and using it for yet another.
How will Cap & Trade affect you? Figures have been crunched by many watchdog organizations. It is generally agreed that the cost to most households will be in excess of $1,000 per year in energy costs, not to mention many thousands more to businesses in the form of higher production and operating costs. And, for what?
We're not exactly sure. They haven't exactly said, although they assure us there's no time to waste.
Not so fast....