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Resources for Getting Educated and Staying Informed

The following are presented for your own review. Provision of these resources does not infer that the Port Huron Tea Party or Blue Water Area Patriots agree with all views presented at any one of these sites at any point in time. Please email webmaster to report any broken links.

Conservative Press 
Pajamas TV (video)

Conservative Thinking

Conservative Focus
912 Project (Glenn Beck)

Preservation of Faith & Family
Talk Radio
WPHM-AM 1380
  Glenn Beck - Mon-Fri 10am-noon
  Sean Hannity - Mon-Fri 3pm-6pm
WWCK-AM 1570
  Rush Limbaugh - Mon-Fri noon-3pm
WJR-AM 760
  Mark Levin - Mon-Fri 8pm-11pm 


Tracking Judges, Candidates,
Elected Officials & their Voting

Conservative Research & Policy

Conservative Action

Military/Constitutional Integrity
National Tea Party / Patriot Sites Tea Party Patriots

Other Conservative Patriot Groups

Political Action Committees

Advocates of Constitutional Rights

Tax Issues / Tax Reform

Conservative Promotional Products

American History
Wallbuilders - David Barton