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Global Warming Hysteria
The Scare Tactic Behind Cap & Trade

Hurricane Katrina was seized upon
by environmental alarmists as proof
that human-induced global warming
was causing a dramatic rise in the
frequency of catastrophic tropical storms,
a prediction that proved badly off-base.



Frightening Predictions Fail to Materialize

When Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005, global warming alarmists predicted with utomost certainty that the United States faced an exponential increase in catastrophic storms. The facts of the last four years tell a different story. Global hurricane, cyclone and typhoon activity has plummeted to levels now approaching 50-year lows. Other frightening predictions have also proven wildly off the mark by the following events, all of which point to a significant leveling off of the global warming trend that began in 1970:
Polar bear populations are increasing.
Global sea ice has rebounded dramatically.
Sea level rise has not signicantly accelerated.
Alaskan glaciers increased in mass for the first time in 250 years.
700 international scientists strongly reject global warming theory.

Cap and Trade's Indispensible Bogeyman

For more than two decades, anti-capitalists who believe that the American standard of living is too high have used the 30-year warming period that began in 1970 as a convenient means of creating fear and panic about climate collapse. In reality, global warming hysteria is a means used by socialist governments to win public support for tax-heavy cap and trade laws that are a major source of revenues needed to pay the unsustainable costs of cradle-to-grave welfare. Cap and trade is not about saving the environment - it's about the federal government's insatiable need for a new source of revenue.

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