Blue Water Tea Party

Help put your nation's feet back on the path on which our nation was founded

Silent Majority No More

What is our purpose?

We are a non-partisan grassroots organization, made up of people of every race, party, and socio-economic level. We recognize that our country is in a financial, constitutional and moral crisis. We are dedicated to restoring America to a Constitutional, limited, fiscally responsible government, both in Washington, D.C. and Lansing.

Our purpose is to PEACEFULLY protest these grievances, and the use of American's tax dollars without deliberation, oversight, guidelines or restriction; and the previous and current government spending which will indebt our nation until our great-grandchildren's generation! To educate, motivate and empower ourselves and our fellow citizens as to the original intentions of our Founding Fathers and the contents of our Constitution; the facts about America's current 'crisis' and the spin our elected officials are using to change our form of government and economic systems; current issues and legislation of which we need to be alerted; and who the worst offenders in government are in committing these grievances so that we may warn them to change their ways and/or work to replace them.
We, the People of the United States are awakening to fierce realities: The Constitutional Republic that was instituted by our Founding Fathers is under attack. Our elected officials take an Oath to support, obey, and defend the Constitution, but most are not following this Oath. We are taxed greatly and selectively, and are being forced to finance failed private business, an unbelievable national debt, infringements on our Constitutional Rights, involuntary servitude, radical social and economic re-engineering and life-long financial support and medical coverage for elected officials who should return to private employment after a limited time in office and draw Social Security like the rest of us.
Port Huron Tea Party is a founding member of the Michigan Tea Party Alliance