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Framing the Healthcare Debate:
Obama seeks to discredit opposition rather than address issues
It is clear that the Obama administration has met a snag with the American people. The free-wheeling ram-rodding is over. So what's a president desperate to control healthcare to do to keep such opposition from growing?
Demonize and discredit those who oppose it, of course!
The Obama administration and its media supporters have taken two tactics in covering public concerns regarding healthcare: 1) ignore the tidal wave of public concern by not giving it coverage, and when this is no longer credibly possible 2) frame the emphatic concerns of ordinary citizens in ways so as to discredit them.
It has everything to do with psychology and nothing to do with what is contained in the healthcare bill.  
Obama and his advocates are now invested in trying to create perceptions that opposition to his plan is funded and staged--even violent (aka any expression of anger). The hope is that if unknowing Americans believe they are being manipulated, they will be deterred from learning about the concerns and potentially joining the opposition.

Anyone involved in the tea party movement knows that their own local group is comprised of impassioned, concerned everyday citizens trying their best to use whatever talent they can muster and funds they can raise. Yet, Obama wants the rest of the country to believe such groups are anything but millions of real common citizens drawn together out of real common concerns.  
This has resulted in the administration and media suggesting to the public that groups that oppose him must be like the community organizations on which he cut his activist teeth. After all, many Americans now understand that Acorn is anything but grassroots. It is a machine that was conceived by liberals and refined over many years, but which has only come to the attention of most Americans in the last election due to the role Acorn played in getting Obama elected. As a result of their election activities, the group has been indicted in several states and remains under investigation in several others on charges related to voter fraud in an effort to get 'up' the vote. Many are calling for an audit of the organization.
The group's efforts are heavily funded by liberal benefactors (and in part by your tax dollars) and carefully choreographed. The group promotes liberal interests largely through manipulation and intimidation. Their goal? Social change and wealth redistribution. The social utopia they seek is not grounded in reality, but most pawns recruited into the effort do not seem to know or even care. They are inspired by the hope for a share in riches they have not earned.
In psychology, the diversional tactic of assigning to someone else the way you yourself think or operate is known as 'projection.' Not only does projection attempt to accuse your opposition, but it has the added benefit of suggesting you are above the fray of such behavior yourself.
America, don't be fooled by it. Demand answers to the things in the healthcare bill that have Americans deeply concerned. There is a price this country will pay if it allows the government to control healthcare, and it's deeply personal.
You deserve answers. Demand them.