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Democrats Deny Bi-Partisan Involvement in Formation of Health Care Bill
(And perhaps just as well)
To be sure, reforming health care is not an easy task. Problems with our current system have been identified and solutions discussed for many years now in both houses of congress and across party lines. At its core, is the question of how to make the best health care available to the most people at the lowest cost. There are realities to deal with, not to mention the needs and competing interests of the parties involved. Everyone agrees that reform is needed and everyone wants it. Agreeing on how to accomplish it has been the hard part. So, how is it that President Obama was able to pull together a solution less than six months in office?
Easy! Eliminate the need to negotiate across the aisle. And, instead of modifying the existing structure, simply tear it all down. Never mind that, although it has its problems, the existing system allows the vast majority of Americans the freedom to control their own health care decisions and delivers the highest quality health care in the world. Besides, an entirely new structure would give the government complete control. Wrap it in urgency, and with controlling seats in both the House and Senate, how could they fail?
They underestimated the American people. Indeed, it almost seems they disregarded them. 
Unlike our elected representatives, the American people got a hold of the bill and actually read it. And, many things in the bill

don't just concern them, there are some to which they are vehemently opposed. The word has spread like wildfire and the party is going to unprecedented lengths to put it out---not to address concerns, but to extinguish them. In response to voicing their opposition, ordinary citizens have been called names, told to be quiet (by the President, no less) and they are subject to being reported for speaking out against HR 3200.
It would seem the current bill has revealed symptoms of a much bigger problem.
Obama Routinely Rejects Free-Market Health Care Solutions in Favor of Big Government Control