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Health Care Strategy of the Week: FAITH
Promote Socialized Medicine as a Moral Imperative
It seems that sometime the week of August 16, suddenly 'faith' became the new focus of health care on news commentary programs. This was followed a couple days later by President Obama himself lacing his appeal for support of his health care plan with biblical references.
How dare Obama and the media suggest that faith mandates that Christians should blindly support government takeover of our health care industry. Certainly, we have health care problems that need fixing, and arguably, a moral imperative to find solutions. But, they are wrong to suggest that government should be the solution. In fact, our forefathers never suggested that health care is a protected right or that our government should provide for it.  
What exactly is the strategy in appealing to faith-based groups? Does disagreeing with health care reform proposals presented thus far indicate people of faith don't care about those without insurance or those crushed by health-related bills they cannot pay? Of course not! But, that is how the administration and its media cheerleaders are trying to frame the issue. Such positioning is dishonest and manipulative. But, insofar as much of the public doesn't have a good grasp of either the Bible or the health care plan, facts don't matter. Perception is everything. Obama either gains Christian support or he gets to position Christians who oppose his plan as uncompassionate hypocrites. Either way it may seem he has nothing to why not divide and conquer? 
It wouldn't be the first time Obama has underestimated the intelligence and spirit of the American people. If there is anything these last two months reveal, it's that 'the people' are wising up and fast. We've seen one too many trillion dollars rushed through this year and we're wide awake, tuning in and learning more about what's going on in Washington now than many of us have in decades. We're not as passive as we were six months ago, last week or yesterday. 
The truth is, while most Christians certainly support health care reform as a goal, they question the role the government seeks to play and are troubled by elements of the current proposal that affront other biblical principles. True compassion seeks a solution which helps those in need without exposing millions more to harm each year. Christians who understand the bigger picture, refusing to sell out the unborn, the elderly and the freedom of future generations are hardly hypocrites.
They're holdouts for a solution that is financially and ethically sound, one that contains costs and makes health care more accessible without jeopardizing lives, quality care or freedom. To volunteer to put so much at risk is foolish, particularly when free-market solutions have not been attempted.
The high pressure from this administration to force through a plan riddled with so many concerns and unanswered questions should cause all Americans pause. The fact that congressmen were given two days to digest and make a decision on a bill over 1,000 pages in length should speak volumes. Our representatives were pressured to make an uninformed vote. Not only did they not know what was in the bill, it seems there was little opportunity intended for their constituents to to know, either. Clearly, there is an agenda here, one the leadership of the Democratic party apparently would rather not be subjected to scrutiny. Americans should be duly insulted. It's our lives, our future and our money they are playing with.
Obama now expects Christians to peddle his program, turning a blind eye to his disregard--if not utter contempt--for biblical positions on the sanctity of life. And, what about good stewardship? Or, Obama's support of homosexuality? Like abortion, he is asking Christian taxpayers to help bear the costs of behavior and choices the Bible clearly identify as sin. In the end, even his appeal to compassion is hollow in how his current plan is expected to play out. Millions will still be unable to attain or afford vital services, only under Obama's plan it will be the elderly instead of the poor. While compassion is talked up to gain acceptance of a government run plan, don't expect it from the government. 
Obama's appeal to compassion is an attempt to leverage emotions when facts are inconvenient. Christians well grounded in both the Word and the current health care proposal won't be tripped up by such a ploy. In fact, the better Christians understand both the Bible and Obama's plan, the less likely they are to support it.
Christians are being played in a manner that is most disingenuous.