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Organizations Bribed to Endorse ObamaCare:
Who's Involved and How they will Benefit

According to Dick Morris, former advisor to President Bill Clinton, organizational endorsements of ObamaCare were bought and paid for. Some who stand to benefit from ObamaCare such as Planned Parenthood have been conspicuously silent. Certainly, they are not going to volunteer to draw more attention to abortion funding than is already being generated. But, others who have secured an angle on ObamaCare are advocating for it more vocally. They can do so because their association and vested interest is less obvious to the public. However, it is no less lucrative.
Obama Endorsements: What the Bribe Was
Click here to read Dick Morris' rundown of organizations that have been bribed
into support of ObamaCare and learn what the payoff is for each including:

American Medical Association (AMA)
American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)
The Pharmaceutical Industry
Insurance Companies originally supported, but now oppose due to reduced opportunity for profit
The one industry that refused to be bought off were the makers of medical devices. Consequently, the Senate Finance Committee penalized them by taxing medical devices required in the provision of healthcare. 
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