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Efforts to Stop Government Takeover of Healthcare

April 25, 2010 - State Representative Paul Opsommer announced today the introduction of HB 6075, which he said was a necessary step to regulate abortion coverage under national healthcare if the Cox lawsuit is not successful.

"I do not trust a temporary executive order to make sure we're not using taxpayer money to perform abortions", said Opsommer.

Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox Joins Challenge
to Constitutionality of New Health Care Law

Michigan Citizens for Healthcare Freedom - Learn about statewide effort to place initiative on November ballot that would amend our state constitution to reject forcible participation in any government healthcare program. If you choose to support this effort, sign the petition. You must be at least 18 and a registered Michigan voter. Make sure to read instructions and complete the form carefully so as not to accidentally invalidate your signature.


Online petitions You Can Sign Opposed to Obama Care:
Liberty Counsel
The battle against this outrageous, socialist power grab has been fought in the court of public opinion for nearly a year, and Liberty Counsel is now taking it into an appropriate federal courtroom
Click here to learn about this effort and Click here to sign a petition of support
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Constitutional Committee to Challenge the President and Congress on Health Care
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