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2010 Tax Day Citizen Rally Recap

The Tax Day Citizen Rally of 2010 turned out over 800 concerned citizens of all ages, colors and political affiliations. The honks along Pine Grove park were almost constant as drivers honked in support of the protest. It was a beautiful, but windy, spring day during which citizens got better connected and better informed. Tea parties have traditionally been heavily attended by middle class citizens of middle age and older. But, between the government's disregard of the people and the people becoming better informed and 'organizing' themselves, a growing number of young adults and young families are turning out and tuning in. Port Huron was one of a limited number of communities hosting a tax day tea party last year, whereas this year the number of tea party groups in Michigan has nearly quadrupled, with most hosting their own local events.

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The new federal healthcare law was a major topic of conversation and concern. Hundreds signed the petition in support of amending our state constitution to give Michigan citizens the right to exempt themselves from the federal plan. This effort is based on the fact that the federal government has no constitutional jurisdiction to dictate to the states in regard to healthcare. Putting the choice before the people of Michigan is an exercise in state sovereignty, asserting the right of the people of Michigan to make our own decision on the matter. Similar ballot drives are underway in many of our 50 states. 
Mary Beth Erdmann, one of the founders of our local tea party addressed the crowds both at the north end of the rally based in the Groves Mall parking lot and the south end based in Pine Grove Park come evening. Prayer was offered by local pastor Mitch Olson. Guests at the event included gubernatorial candidates Mike Bouchard and Attorney General Mike Cox. Mr. Cox spoke about the legal challenge the the new federal health care mandate that he is involved with along with 19 other attorneys general across the nation. An assistant from Candice Miller's office presented a communication from our representative since she could not attend. Tim Keller, a local teacher, encouraged and inspired the crowd with a passionate speech laced with quotes from our founding fathers.
Thank you to those who provided music, and others who donated funds, time or talent to make the day a success.