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Israel: A Nation that Inhabits God's Blessing,
A Nation Whose Right to Exist We Must Continue to Defend
The following resources will help develop a better understanding of the Jewish people, giving background to the importance of current events of today. President Obama has demonstrated an unwillingness to stand with Israel as has been our country's longstanding position. Some say the president shows a visible, almost personal disdain. Many U.S. citizens are deeply concerned about this.
The solid majority of U.S. citizens who identify with our country's judeo-christian heritage feel that supporting Israel is the right thing to do. Many fear that, abandoning Israel will bring further judgment on our country. They point to Britain and how the country has been beseiged by an increasingly hostile Muslim population since withdrawing its support of Israel. They believe God's hand of protection has been upon our country as we have stood in alliance with His chosen people.
Jews Targeted by Hate Propaganda in Scandinavia.
Those Who Should Intervene are Paralyzed by Fear. 
Persecution of Jewish children and families is becoming commonplace in Scandinavia. Teachers and authorities fear speaking or acting against hateful words and actions perpetrated by Muslims who have become a formidible force in the population. We saw where this type of thing led in Germany in the 1930s. The world cannot stand by and let this go unaddressed. It must be nipped in the bud. Learn more
Articles of Interest
Emanuel to Rabbis:
U.S. Screwed Up

Watch what administration does,
not what it says...
Against All Odds
A video series exploring the modern day miracles whereby the nation of Israel has not only survived, but has flourished despite being persecuted and attacked by enemies greater in number and resources.

Follow Me: The Six Day War
A detailed, authoritative and compelling account of the Military Miracle known as the Six Day War. On June 5, 1967, fourteen hostile armies from three huge Arab nations suddenly descended upon the state of Israel from every side and direction. Yet in just six days, this tiny country not only defended herself, but won a decisive victory that changed the map of the Middle East.

Cast a Giant Shadow - 1966 film starring Kirk Douglas
Kirk Douglas plays an American Army officer recruited by the yet to exist Israel to help them form an army. Israel is outnumbered, unarmed and ill-prepared, yet they stunned the world with their incredible victory! A tribute to Israel's military genious and fighting heart.

by Herman Wouk
Two novels that help bring to life the Jewish history of the second half of the last century. Helps the reader understand the Jewish perspective and the events leading up to the present position in which they find themselves today.