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Silent Majority No More

More and more Americans are beginning to recognize that it is the practice of this administration to manipulate mass perception to keep the public away from anything considered to be a threat to its agenda. That is why the White House and complicit media have engaged in labelling anyone asking unwanted questions or those aligning themselves in disagreement with its agenda 'birthers' and 'tea-baggers'. The White house is openly engaged in mocking concerned citizens and much of the media has become a lapdog instead of a watchdog. Once Americans understand this, rather than be deterred, they should want to learn more than ever about what this administration hopes to repress.
The Ongoing Quest to Establish of Eligibility
Fact: Obama has never provided his actual birth certificate (the 'long form' one with the doctor's signature that would be required by any American to get a passport) in order to prove his natural born citizenship and eligibility to hold the office of president.
What the president has released is a Certification of Live Birth (COLB), which is a government generated document that indicates that the named person's original long form birth certificate is on file. Several forensic experts who have examined the COLB for Barack Obama displayed on the Internet believe the image has been modified and is a counterfeit.
The Big Question:
Why is Obama spending millions fighting release of information that would establish his eligibility instead of putting the matter to rest?
Conspiracies: Various theories as to what Obama is hiding, where he was actually born and and whether he may have forfeited natural born status if indeed he was a natural born citizen at birth.
Current Status: The President, the White House Press Secretary have boldly asserted that this matter and most media outlets have fallen in line. In true Alinsky fashion, anyone who has investigated the matter and dared to agree that 'the emperor has no clothes' has been ridiculed. This, of course, is meant to deter the public from believing that there is any validity to the question. 
WorldNetDaily, an independent news service, has amassed perhaps the most comprehensive reporting on the subject of any news service. The questions has continued to be pursued by a number of citizens and legal organizations and includes very prominent military and political leaders.
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