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What is the Real Cost to Americans of Illegal Immigration?

Our country cannot simply absorb the masses of illegal immigrants seeping through our porous borders without financial and social consequences. Just exactly what is the fallout of this problem and how are hardworking Americans being harmed by non-enforcement of our immigration laws?
Immigrations Human Cost (IHC) is an organization whose mission it is educate Americans so their thinking is shaped by facts, not feelings (as much of the media would have it). IHC has amassed statistics and stories that drive home how ALL citizens are not only disserviced by this problem, but how our very nation is undermined when we fail to understand the very real problems caused by illegal immigration.
Not surprisingly, this mess has been passively permitted for political gain (ironically, the votes of millions of people who are not even citizens). First, cultivate the problem, then suggest and argue for self-serving solutions to it. Brilliant? No, sick. Law abiding, hard-working Americans should be disgusted. We must not be led into believing that enforcing our laws is impossible or that we will somehow hurt our economy more if we don't just absolve and accept those who are here illegally. And, how dare illegals protest, demanding to be conferred with rights instead of being deported as they should be? If they want to be here, they should use the front door, not break in through a window. 
Immigrations Human Cost's website has categories the effects of illegal immigration as:
Job Displacement
Community Turmoil
Importing Criminals
Classroom Chaos
Small Business
Crime Victims
Terrorism Victims
Our country and its citizens have been deeply harmed by illegal immigration. Learn more about it, educate others (including your elected officials) and let them know where you stand. Many believe that embracing illegal immigration will be the death knell of our nation.
Click here to visit Immigrations Human Cost