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How Much Do You Really Know About
Why You're Getting Drilled at the Pump?
Fueling High Prices
by Brian Farmer
Gas prices are taking a large chunk from consumers' pocketbooks,
and politicians are quick to blame companies — but are they to blame?
How our Current Oil Problems Began...
Other contributing factors include:
Factor 2: Rule By Fiat (Using Surrogates to Carry Out Policy Instead of Passing Laws through Congress)
GM's Akerson Pushes for Higher Gas Prices
Factor 3: Drilling and Research for Energy Production in this Country
Factor 4: Taxes Now and in the Future
What can be done?
More Resources:
The Energy Non-Crisis (a series of videos featuring Lindsey Williams)
A pastor invited to sit in their meetings explains how a small group of global elitists manipulate oil for profit, economic and political control