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Throw the Bums Out


I grew up in a union household, one of ten children. The lessons that I learned were many, but each election season I remember one especially well. This was taught to me by my father.


He was a good union person. He voted in every election that I can remember. He voted in his union elections, local elections and of course the national elections. When I was very young I went with him to vote in a local election. I remember asking him why, with all the wisdom a young child, it was important to vote? What difference would his vote make?


He explained to me that he votes because it is his civic duty to vote. That people had actually fought and died so that we may vote. He then added further that regardless the type of election that it was, his vote mattered to him. Further discussion brought out that there were often times that he didn’t vote for a specific person but rather against that politician to register his displeasure. He said that when the politicians stop listening, it is time to throw the bums out by voting for their opponent.


I believe that we have come to this point in St Clair County. In just the last year we have had our County Commissioners vote to: 1) Take out $9 million in bonds to support a private convention center in the city of Port Huron where everyone in the county will end up paying for the benefit of a few. We even had a commissioner state that if we allowed the people to vote they would surely reject this. 2) Vote to designate the I-69 expressway an International Trade Corridor in order to expedite the shipment of Chinese goods throughout the United States. This was done even though over 5,000 signatures were collected to try and make it a ballot initiative. Even though this referendum did not proceed, the voice of the people was clear. 3) Eliminate recycling throughout the county due to the cost of maintaining that service and yet 4) Spend $138,000 to cut down a few scrub trees and mow acreage in St. Clair. This was money neither asked for nor spent wisely according to the city officials. 5) Changed the health benefits of their retirees without listening to those people that it would most affect.


We have had five of our County Commissioners on the wrong side of every one of these issues. Tim Ward, Howard Heidemann, Terry London, Jeff Bohm and Bill Gratopp have consistently voted without consideration of their constituents. When your elected officials are no longer responsive to their citizens, when they believe that they are smarter than you solely because of the position they hold, and when they make decisions that seem to benefit their cronies it is time to make a change.


It is time to throw the bums out!