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What We Need is True Immigration Reform

As recently as last month, there have been reports of travel agencies both here and in Europe that are scheduling “Birth Days” in the United States. These trips are scheduled to coincide with the birth of wealthy Europeans to ensure dual citizenship for their children. This is because our 14th Amendment declares that: “all persons, born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States.” This Amendment was intended to make certain that the rights of newly freed slaves did not have their rights infringed upon.

Unfortunately today this very same policy is now creating “anchor babies” for illegal immigrants in the U.S. Although this may not be the most flattering of terms, it does accurately describe the way in which some can come into our country, have a child, and then ask for permanent residency based on the fact that their child is a citizen. If they are denied and asked to return to their country of origin, our government is accused of breaking up the family because certainly the child should stay here.

What we need is true immigration reform. Perhaps it is time that we ended the practice of automatic citizenship for all who are born here. My thought process is often simplistic. I have spoken to friends and family and the consensus for change to our immigration laws would be: First secure our borders! Much attention has been given to our southern border, but every day illegal immigrants come into our country from the north as well as through many of our airports. Immigrants come here on a legitimate visa and then overstay making them illegal. Next, we must require illegal immigrants to register for legal status, pay their taxes, learn English and pass criminal background checks to remain in the country. This must be done with the understanding that they will be given working permits, yet not be eligible for citizenship. If they want to become a citizen, they must register and apply as all others do from their respective countries. Those who have a criminal record or refuse to register should be deported. If a business is found to have hired an illegal immigrant, the fine must be high enough to deter the act with a second offense including mandatory jail time.

Immigration reform will not be easy, yet it must be tackled soon by our elected officials. Let it be understood that I do not want to deport 12 million people. I also do not want to reward them with citizenship. THEY ARE ILLEGAL. I believe that the steps outlined would at the very least be a starting point. The details could certainly be worked out by those that are much smarter than I am. And….. I don’t believe that this should take over 2000 pages to finish as our healthcare did.

© 2012 Douglas Dudek