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With the crash of the tour bus in California this week, and another in Oregon in December, we have now had multiple crashes of these charter buses in the last year. In addition to the Oregon crash, with just a quick Google search, we have also had tour bus crashes in Arizona, Virginia, Kentucky, and who can forget the crashes in upstate New York?


Because of these crashes we have many people murdered by the reckless charter operators and dozens more injured. Where is the national outrage? Why have these assault buses not been banned?


I understand that there may be some who would want to stop this ban on assault buses, however, we need to look at all options to make certain that we protect the innocent who ride them unaware of the hazards. If we cannot get an outright ban on all tour buses, perhaps we could just reduce their size. After all, smaller buses would cause less harm. Right now many of the charter buses can carry 30, 50 or possibly up to 100 people if it were a double-decked bus. Consider all the deaths and injuries that could be avoided if we could just limit their size to around 10 people per bus.


In addition to either this ban on assault buses or at least reducing their size capabilities, we also need to look at the operators and drivers. Are the background checks deep enough? Are we missing something? Perhaps we could tighten up the regulations and outlaw the sale of all multiple seat buses on the secondary market where background checks are rarely if ever done.


Sanctions should be in place for all who manufacture, sell or drive these instruments of death and destruction. We need to protect the citizenry at whatever the cost. I hope that you will speak out on this issue and let your legislators know that assault buses must be disallowed no matter what the cost.




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